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Criminal Defence

While every crime is punishable by law, not every person should be. We believe sentences should be fair, just, and reflect both the offence and the individual’s personal circumstances. This is what we fight for.


With our solution-oriented attitude, we ensure our clients achieve the best outcome possible in all circumstances. Our experience includes a myriad of legal matters, from trials to pleas, and we have represented our clients at the various State Courts, High Court, appellate level and even the SAF Military Court.



Listed below is a number of various offences we have represented our clients in:


  • White Collar Crime

  • Capital Offences

  • Traffic-related Offences

  • Property Offences (e.g. Theft, Shoplifting, Criminal Breach of Trust, Criminal Misappropriation, Housebreaking, Robbery, etc.)

  • Offences to the Person (e.g. voluntarily causing hurt)

  • Public Order Offences (e.g. Rioting, Unlawful Assembly)

  • Murder and Culpable Homicide

  • Drug Offences (e.g. Consumption, Possession and Trafficking)

  • Military Offences (e.g. AWOL)

  • Detentions without Trial, i.e. 5(5)

  • Prevention of Harrassment Act Offences


We also specialise in representing:


  • Juvenile and young offenders

  • Persons charged in Community Court

  • Mentally ill or Disabled Persons

  • Military Court Martial

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